TGIS – Thank God It’s Saturday is a signature of Spark that has been rekindled within the hearts of youngsters in and around of Coimbatore for more than a decade. The Spark youth club puts a smile and hope on the current generation of youngsters through this wonderful platform.

TGIS is known for its unique set of events to open up and to create a connection among each other through drama, music, pep talks, and trips across India. The quality of education that are delivered through this portal are concentrated towards inculcating values, beliefs and habits to be followed to exercise their knowledge and skill for the welfare of their family and society.

The topics that are discussed in TGIS, makes the current youth to think outside the box and channel their emotional intelligence to enhance their way of life in all aspects. We as a part of TGIS, working to bring the head of a youth to frame their dreams of vision and mission and a heart to love it without fear and prejudice and a hand to execute it. Currently, TGIS has been addressed by inviting new comers from 15 college of Coimbatore.

“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together”

African Proverb