Variety is the mother of enjoyment.

Srila Prabhupada

Today’s generation seek a lot of variety in life to satisfy their appetite of passion, creativity and fun filled life. To grab such hearts and intelligence of youngsters in Coimbatore towards the teachings of Srila Prabupada, we bring about this wonderful arena on the New year eve occasion called as “Panacea”. As the event name itself speaks louder “One cure for many problems”. We try to address the major problems faced by youngster namely academic failures, relationship failures, drug addiction, pornography. The Panacea is aimed towards a theme de-addiction and we cover a lot of youngsters.

  • A soulful talk addressing the youth on “addiction towards de-addiction”.
  • a wonderful drama was presented by “Goloka Players” depicting the problems faced by youngsters during college life
  • Soulful music and sumptuous dinner.

First time attending this type of event, nice experience. Highlight of the show is Bahubali spoof, it’s awesome, they understand the student problems. SPARK rockzzz.

Prasanth, Amrita School of Engineering